Scottsdale Towing

Tow and Repair, Scottsdale AZ

If you are in trouble, we can provide tow and repair. In Scottsdale it can be hard to find an auto repair shop.  We know where they all are, and if you dont have a place in mind, we can hook you up.  We recommend only the best to our customers - it is part of our job to make sure they will treat you right.


Choosing your solution for towing and auto repair deserves a little research and forethought. Unfortunately, in a real time personal disaster such as an auto collision, it can be quite challenging to make a well informed choice.

So we are here to back you up.  If you have not yet chosen an auto repair shop, our tow truck drivers can suggest a few nearby auto repair shops with which we have relationships. We understand that no one wants to feel pressured about where they choose to take their car; this is why our drivers will make suggestions upon your request.


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Serving: Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills